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Inno3D GeForce 9500GT 1GB/128bit

Price: Not Available
Status: Phased Out
Description:PCI-E 1GB DDR2, 128bit, TV,DVI,HDCP

Inno3D GeForce  9500GT 1GB/128bit

Inno3D® are excited to announce the GeForce™ 9500GT that is equipped with high-end performance but priced at mainstream level. It is built with the best price/performance GPUs for Microsoft® DirectX 10 gaming. The new Nvidia entry level card works at 540MHz and memory at 1400MHz with 128 bit memory interface. Just like the rest of the series 9 products, this product isn't all about performance, but PCIe 2.0, lower power consumption and an updated PureVideo HD.

As shown in the 3DMark06 benchmark comparison table below the Inno3D® GeForce® 9500 GT outwits NVIDIA’s GeForce 7600GS & 8500GT D3 and performs at its peak with all the latest features in the market.

Gamers will be glued to their PCs for hours end with the amazing Inno3D® GeForce® 9500 GT that really does redefine reality. It is equipped with DirectX 10 and built ready for Windows Vista.

  • NVIDIA® Unified Architecture
    Fully unified shader core dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics or pixel shading operations, delivering up to 2X the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs
  • GigaThread™ Technology
    Massively multi-threaded architecture supports thousands of independent, simultaneous threads, providing extreme processing efficiency in advanced, next generation shader programs
  • Full Microsoft DirectX 10 Support
    World’s first DirectX 10 GPU with full Shader Model 4.0 support delivers unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects
  • NVIDIA® SLI™ technology
    Delivers up to 2X the performance of a single graphics card configuration for unequaled gaming experiences by allowing two cards to run in parallel. The must-have feature for performance PCI Express graphics, SLI technology dramatically scales performance on today’s hottest games
  • NVIDIA® Lumenex™ Engine
    Delivers stunning image and floating point accuracy at ultra-fast frame rate
  • 16x Anti-aliasing
    Lightning fast, high quality anti-aliasing at up to 16x sample rates obliterates jagged edges
  • 128-bit floating point High Dynamic-Range (HDR)
    Twice the precision of prior generations for incredibly realistic lighting effects-now with support for anti-aliasing
  • NVIDIA® Quantum Effect™ Technology
    Advanced shader processors architected for physics computation enable a new level of physics effects to be simulated and rendered on the GPU-all while freeing the CPU to run the game engine and AI
  • NVIDIA® ForceWare® unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
    Delivers a proven record of compatibility, reliability and stability with the widest range of games and applications. ForceWare ensures the best out-of-box experience for every user and delivers continuous performance and feature updates over the life of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs
  • OpenGL® 2.0 Optimizations and Support
    Ensures top-notch compatibility and performance for Open GL applications.
  • NVIDIA® nView Multi-Display Technology Advanced technology provides the ultimate in viewing flexible and control for multiple monitors.
  • PCI Express Support
    Designed to run perfectly with the PCI Express bus architecture, which doubles the bandwidth of AGP 8X to deliver over 4 GB/sc in both upstream and downstream data transfer
  • Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista
    Nvidia’s fourth-generation GPU architecture built for Windows Vista gives users the best possible experience with the Windows Aero 3D graphical user interface
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology
    The combination of high-definition video decode acceleration and post-processing that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color and precise image scaling for movies and video

  • Product                       Inno3D Geforce 9500GT
  • Chipset                        Geforce 9500GT
  • Memory                      1GB GDDR2
  • Core Frequency          550MHz
  • Memory Frequency    800MHz
  • RAMDAC                400MHZ
  • Interface                   PCI-Express
  • Memory Bus            128-bit
  • Stream Processors    32
  • Max. Resolution       2560 x 1600
  • SLI Ready               Yes
  • Output                     1. Dual-Link DVI
                                    2. VGA
  • HDCP                     Yes


Located in the Philippines

Located in the Philippines!

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